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Should I Start Trading Stocks or Forex?

Anmol recommends that you start with either Stocks or Forex but to make sure to get good at one of them first so that then you can start trading the other more easily if you decide so. Understanding both forex and stock trading can help you determine which type of trading better fits your goals and trading style.

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About the author, Anmol Singh

My name is Anmol Singh, I launched in 2015 which is now voted the #1 Trading Education Firm for three years in a row. I have coached and Trained over 1000+ Traders and Investors.. I am considered the leading expert in the Trading Psychology space having helped thousands of traders all over the world dealing with Psychological and Behavioural issues that arise when high stakes on are on the line. Currently, I remain an avid Stock Market and Forex trader and spend my day working with Students of my Trading firm Livetraders and continues to Financially back them. I am also involved with other Entrepreneurial Ventures and Franchise Stores in the automotive sector.

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