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The Wisdom Behind Balance

These days, everything is hectic. Between work, personal relationships, hobbies, aspirations, and dreams, it’s hard to find the time to get any of it right. Trying to do everything leaves you vulnerable to continually feeling disappointed (in yourself) for not doing better. If this feels all too familiar, you’re not alone. As I said, everything is usually too chaotic to process, and it’s undeniably leaving a mark on everyone involved. Our world is much different than the one our parents and teachers grew up in, so even though most of the philosophies they taught are still applicable, there is a lot that we have to make sense of for ourselves and make sure we keep our body and mind in sync.

But while we’re busy discovering these modern commandments through our day to day experiences, we can’t help but dig a little deeper in search of help. So, is there any wisdom out there that can help us sort out the never-ending pile that keeps growing on our plate? Well, yes there is, and it might not come as news. We’re all aware of this life-changing principle. Applying and accepting it, however, is a very different story. So here it is, and good luck.

Remember Newton?

If you can recall anything from your primary education, you’ll remember that the renowned physicist, Isaac Newton, had some ground-breaking laws of motion. The one that’s going to help us sort our lives out is his third law, which goes as follows:

“To every action, there is always opposed an equal reaction.”

Looking at it from a scientific point of view, it becomes clear that all matter and energy in the physical world goes back and forth. To put things simply, every beginning has an end; every birth leads to eventual death, every up has a down, to every positive, there is a negative and so on. Nothing can indeed occur in nature without an opposite. And if you analyze this law of physics from a psychological aspect, it also applies. We would never know the true meaning of food if we didn’t know hunger. We would never know how scary darkness can be without the presence of light. We would never appreciate true success without the overwhelming feeling of failure. It’s all pretty balanced out. So to go about life continually expecting things to go well, and forgetting that they can also be bad is what introduces enormous amounts of stress and is what usually brings forth all of our sufferings.

Figuring It Out

So, how can we use this information to help us balance things out?
Once we realize that we too are part of nature and that this law applies to us as well, we can begin to understand that all our interactions have a reaction. When we accept this truth, we can make a shift in our consciousness. It seems that anything can be either good or bad depending on our approach and understanding. The wisdom that is necessary to adopt here is that there is balance in everything, so we can’t proceed through life accepting the good without the bad. Depending on our awareness and the labels we assign to our experiences, our life can take a drastic turn for the better, if we’re able to comprehend that good and bad are only two sides of the same coin.

The Opposites and Everything Else In Between

But knowing this isn’t going to make life any slower or less chaotic, you might think to yourself. It can! Do you ever wonder why our parents’ lives were much slower than ours? Of course, the idea that technology has made everything so much faster is the first thing that pops into everybody’s mind, but the key difference is that there is very little room for error nowadays. And the incredible weight and stress of this idea are what makes us run around like lunatics, trying to get everything done, and done perfectly. We can’t afford mistakes. But no matter how much we try, physics is not on our side. Remember? Where it is good, there will always be bad. Where there is the effort, there will also be the error. So, maybe we should stop fighting to fit into the idea of “perfect” and become aware that there’s no such a thing as perfection.

Awareness and Effort

Awareness is what is going to keep us sane, and finding the balance between the positive and the negative is what is going to keep us going. Look at it this way. The less awareness you have, the more judgment you bring to the world, resulting in a very miserable life where everything goes wrong. Paying attention to the positive makes you naïve and eventually disappointed; paying attention just to the negative leaves you resentful and frustrated. But, being aware of both is what leads to balance and enlightenment.
Once you can apply this universal law in your life, you will accept everything that comes your way, leaving enough energy for you to recover, inspire and prosper. Knowing this gives you a chance to take back the responsibility you have for your life, and takes away all the negativity that drags our strength to deal with living with a clear mind.
Think It Through

The day we all accept that we can’t go against the laws of nature, is the day we can begin to reinvestigate our lives, decisions, and organizational skills. We can start to set boundaries that will allow us to find this much-needed balance, accept the victories as well as the failures, decide what is working for us and what is working to our disadvantage. This type of mindset will keep you moving forward. This type of mentality will grant you the chance to take the appropriate approach when you access your life and your responsibilities, devoid of ego and resentment. It might not sound that encouraging, and it’s not an easy way out. But we don’t need it to be either. The only thing that counts is that it works, and who can argue with science, right?

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